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The word “heal” means to make whole or make better and this applies to our minds, our bodies and our spirits. It is part of our everyday language e.g. health, healthy, National Health, but few people are aware of its true meaning. It is available in many forms in today’s world, two of which are available through Rainbow’s End – Reiki and Deep Energy healing. However, one of the most self-empowering forms is Self-Healing, and Sandi and Mike are happy to teach a 5 minute method to anyone they meet.

If you are unsure which type would be best for you, please call Sandi or Mike on 07900 824089 and they will be happy to talk about the different types of healing available and make an appointment for you.

The following one hour treatments are available to book:

Deep Energy (Trance) Healing £30
Chakra Balancing £30
Reiki Donation Basis
Reiki with crystals Donation Basis
Angel Healing £30

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