discover your spiritual knowledge

discover your spiritual knowledge

Throughout the year Sandi and Mike run workshops in Rainbow’s End. They cover a wide range of subjects which are connected with self-discovery, self-awareness, self-development and self-expression. Among the most popular are Colour, Crystals, the Senses, Meditation, Healing, Mediumship and Angels. The workshops enable people to experience and learn about different topics in a relaxed and safe environment.

As we go through life, we come across plenty of information about how to look after our bodies and minds. However there is far less information available about our spirit – what it is, how it is affected by our mind and our body and how to look after it. There is even less information about how mind, body and spirit work together to determine how we live our lives.

How often during the course of a day do you ask other people how they are?

How often during the course of a day do you ask yourself how you are and if you did, would you know the answer?

And yet know how we are is really important as it is the only way to monitor our lives and what is affecting them.

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