discover your spiritual knowledge

discover your spiritual knowledge

Throughout the year Sandi and Mike run workshops in Rainbow’s End. They cover a wide range of subjects which are connected with self-discovery, self-awareness, self-development and self-expression. Among the most popular are Colour, Crystals, the Senses, Meditation, Healing, Mediumship and Angels. The workshops enable people to experience and learn about different topics in a relaxed and safe environment.

Find out how to utilise this for your own wellbeing and happiness how to share that power with others

This series of workshops is designed to be for all levels of ability - the group will be split appropriately to accommodate this.Ideally beginners should have been on the "Taking the mystery out of Mediunship" workshop, although this is not essential.

Everything we do takes energy-thought processes, physical functions and activities, feelings and emotions.Yet we are taught very little about our energy system and the energy centres-the chakras. This workshop will provide you with understanding and knowledge of the importance of the role of our chakras in our lives.

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